Tirnanoc is a continent east of The Great Main ocean, and on the western side of the Ignotan continent. Tirnanoc is divided into around twenty nations comprising the original homelands of of the fae and all of the fae races and faiths.


Tirnanoc has a long and rich history consisting of many kingdoms.


In recent centuries, human empires have been crossing the ocean with increasing frequency, claiming territory and colonies. Tirnanoc is less and less stable for fae, driving the mass exodus of refugees and immigrants who end up in The Burgue.


Collectively, the races of fae kind are also known by the Burgians as “otherkin”. Derogatory Burgian terms for any of fae kind include “critch”.

Fairishyn – aka Faerie (fata nimfidia). Derogatory Burgian terms for the faerie include “pix”, “tink”, and “locust”.

Puyocs – aka Fauns (faunus vulgar) from the nations Ildathach and Urisko north of the Gulf of Anoun, and the nation of Puyan west of the Gulf on the continent of Ignotan. Derogatory Burgian terms for fauns include “puck”, and “trotter”.

Jotun – aka Trow (jotunus boreal) from the land of Jotunheim (aka “the Trowlands”) northwest of Urisko. Derogatory Burgian terms for the trow include “brute”.

Kobolds – (goblinus inferior) from The Isles of Knock on the southern edge of the Tirnanese Sea (between Tirnanoc and Puyan).

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  • Tír na nÓg Gaelic for “Land of the Young”, Tír na nÓg is the Celtic Otherworld of Irish mythology. In Gaelic, Tír na noc would mean something like “Land of the revealed” or “Land of the exposed”.
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