"The World to Come" was the seventh episode of Carnival Row.


Philo is thrown in jail. There, he finds some unexpected help from Vignette. Elsewhere, Ezra disapproves of Imogen’s new lifestyle. Sophie offers Jonah a deal.


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Philo is taken back to the constabulary in a carriage by Constable Berwick and Sergeant Dombey. Philo insists that he’s not the killer, though Magistrate Flute finds that hard to believe considering Philo hid facts from the case. He is taken downstairs and placed in a cell with humans, who Dombey hoped would beat up Philo. Vignette is also in a cell not far from Philo’s. She warns him as the men attempt to attack him, and Philo manages to subdue his attackers.

Imogen and Agreus return from the auction, both having had a good time. It was during this evening that Imogen realized that she doesn’t actually like anyone she knows. Afissa approaches and informs Imogen that the police were there. Ezra reveals to Imogen that their father gave refuge to a pregnant Pix in their home. While there’s nothing he can do about that, he can however intercede on Imogen’s predicament with Agreus. He believes Agreus is asking too much of Imogen and plans to negotiate an end to their arrangement. Ezra is starting to wonder if Imogen might enjoy Agreus’ company, which she denies.

Sergeant Dombey returns to find Philo in perfect condition, whilst the men he was put in a cell with are groaning in pain. He removes Philo from the human cell and places him with the fae folk. Now, the only thing separating him and Vignette are a set of bars. He thanks her for warning him. They both question what the other is doing in jail.

Piety informs the Haruspex that someone has been arrested for the murders, meaning she was safe from the Darkasher. However, the Haruspex suspects they locked up the wrong man. She knows for certain that it will come for her and in that moment, she’ll understand who summoned it. Despite the risk, Aioffe leaves.

As Runyan prepares to leave the train station with a one-way ticket to Keranganz, he runs into Master Horatius Symes, an old friend. He’s been hired as a tutor for Jonah Breakspear. He recalls Runyan getting a degree from Oppidian and offers him a job as a tutor for Jonah as well. Initially reluctant, Runyan agrees.

Jonah and Sophie have sex in his carriage. She again makes mention of an alliance. She warns Jonah that his father’s regime is waning and it’s his time to see to his future. She explains that politics is the price of moments that could change everything.

Vignette and Philo exchange stories, each leading them to their current predicament in a cell. Vignette learns from Philo that Aisling was his mother and she tells him how the Republic of the Burgue seized control of the library artifacts.

Ezra is very much pleased with the ship refurbished by Agreus. He’s calls it "The Swan." At 50 guilders a head, she’ll pay for herself. The rest will be profit after three crossings. Agreus tells Ezra that he was once indentured for five years to a foundry owner in New Freehold. The work was hard, but he was a fair man. As for how Agreus became wealthy, he did so guilder by guilder. Ezra made some inquiries about Agreus’ past and wonders what it is a skipjack does. A skipjack is one who tracks workers who’ve run away, meaning Agreus hunted his own kind. Agreus realized a long time ago that if he was to find his way in the world of men, then he’d have to play by the rules of men. Ezra then expresses his desire to discuss the terms of Agreus’ arrangement with Imogen.

Afterward, Ezra returns to Imogen and tells her that not until she’s helped him establish a foothold in their inner circle will Imogen be free of her obligation to Agreus. However, Ezra informs Imogen that Agreus has received an invitation to take tea at the Tripplethorn’s this very afternoon. They insisted on turning over the painting he bid on personally.

Tourmaline asks Fleury if she’s seen Vignette, but she hasn’t. Tourmaline suspects Vignette was arrested and heads down to the constabulary, where her suspicions are confirmed. If they’re lucky, Vignette will only have to pay a fine. If not, she’ll be sent back to Tirnanoc. Constable Cuppins tells Tourmaline that he’ll release Vignette if she comes back tomorrow with 50 guilders.

Portia stops by the constabulary to see about Philo. She learns from Dombey that Philo has been arrested and charged for murder. Everything fell into place once Portia told that he was a half-blood. She tells Sergeant Dombey that Philo being a half-blood was a lie. That they had a quarrel, and she made it up to hurt him.

Magistrate Flute, Dombey, and Berwick tell Philo that Portia came by and filed a statement that could potentially see Philo cleared of all charges. Philo insists that he didn’t kill anyone, however, it is true that Aisling Querelle is his mother. Flute is outraged as he once trusted Philo. Vignette watches without word as this unfolds.

Runyan arrives to tutor Jonah, though he doesn’t seem the slightest bit interested in his studies. He can tell Runyan needs this job and because of that, Runyan will confirm his attendance to Master Symes and report that Jonah is making splendid progress. He even offers to double whatever it is that Runyan is being paid. Should he refuse, Jonah will have him fired. Runyan calls Jonah’s bluff. He knows Jonah’s type, and he’s been brought in to equip him with a little wisdom. Jonah can either take or leave Runyan’s proposition, but what Runyan won’t do is lie for Jonah. Jonah quickly realizes that Runyan is nothing like his other tutors and decides to take a seat.

Berwick, Cuppins, and Dombey discuss Philo being a half-blood and how that makes the rest of the force look bad. They’re all going to be dragged through the mud for not catching onto him sooner. Dombey refuses to allow his reputation undone and plots with Berwick and Cuppins on how to best deal with Philo. Dombey wants to kill him before he can ever see trial.

Vignette tells Philo that he did his mother proud by standing firm against Magistrate Flute. Philo’s been wondering who his father is. He suspects his father is controlling the Darkasher. Philo realizes that the killer doesn’t know who he is, which is why he needed their livers, so he could read their secrets and follow them to Philo. Berwick approaches the cell to warn Philo that Dombey is plotting to kill him.

Agreus and Fergus unwrap The Rising painting. Imogen offers her input on where to hang the painting. After finding a spot for it, they gaze upon it, looking to it as if to discover its meaning. Agreus takes it to mean that they’re all poised somewhere between Heaven and Hell. However, Imogen suspects the man with horns in the painting is a rescuer, saving a women from the ordinary. He then shows Imogen his electric lamp, much to her amazement.

Sophie and Jonah arrange another meeting. He can’t stop thinking about her. She’s taken him to the edge of something he can no longer ignore, that being the future. He’d never gave it much thought before meeting her. She tells him that chaos is the great hope of those in the shadows. Chaos for men like Jonah’s father create opportunities for them. Regimes fall, old worlds born, and they decide what rises from the ashes.

Agreus imagines that some day the streets will be lined with wires bringing electricity from distant stream plants. There will be no smoke or accidental fires. Imogen admires his forward thinking. She questions if his forward thinking of a better, less divided world is how he ignores the stares and poor remarks towards him. Agreus agrees this is so. She adds that he is unlike anyone she’d ever met, and the two proceed to have sex.

Cabal shows Quill an inscribed tablet brought in from Puyan by the prior who founded their lair. He salvaged it from the great Hoff when the Burguish army razed it. He wanted to make sure the old ways would never be forgotten. Cabal tells Quill that the Hidden One brought him to them because he had a purpose for Quill. But, first he must prove himself. The man from the march who attacked one of them is brought in and pushed to his knees while his hands remain restrained. Quill takes the inscribed tablet and beats the man over the head with it.

Absalom learns from Winetrout that the constabulary has a suspect in custody for the recent spate of murders. The culprit is a half-blood. The killings were to keep his secret. Aisling Querelle, the first victim, was his own mother.

Vignette was feeling like she finally had a place in the city, and that’s when she saw the sign. Treasures of Tirnanoc. Everything she had spent her life to protect had been put into glass boxes for a bunch of humans to gawk at. She asks if Philo ever thinks about Tirnanoc. He replies "all the time." He wishes that he’d never left Vignette. Dombey then comes down with an alleged transfer order for Philo. Philo tells Vignette that he loves her as he’s being taken away.

A bag is put over Philo’s head and he is placed in a carriage and taken to an abandoned house. Philo is sat in a chair and the sack over his head is removed. Much to his surprise, waiting for him is Absalom Breakspear.

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