The Tetterby Hotel is a brothel run by the faerie Madame Moira. Culturally very different from the puritanical humans of The Burgue, faerish reverence for the natural world includes a comfort with sex which lies at odds with human mores, provoking public disapproval while privately spurring the interest of those who would exploit this openness to sate their own desires.


Before becoming a brothel, The Tetterby was an upscale hotel that began to evolve after the first fae moved into Gloamingside (also known as Carnival Row). Its new reputation first grew as a performance venue, with Moira herself serving as a dancer. But as the performances slowly became more titillating in nature, there was an expectation that other, more intimate services would be provided. And by the time that the hotel’s human owner was on his deathbed, the Tetterby’s days as a mere hotel were long past and there was no going back. But rather than see herself prostituted to some new human owner, Moira envisioned a faerie-owned establishment — still a brothel, but a brothel where Moira could at least ensure the comfort and safety of her girls. And so she convinced Mister Tetterby to sell her the property and has never looked back.


The Tetterby Hotel provides employment for many faerie immigrants.

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