The Burgue is ruled by a Parliamentary Republic that is led by a Chancellor.


Parliament consists of a bicameral chamber: The Outer Chamber, consisting of a large number of elected representatives that deals with local issues, and an Inner Chamber that consists of a smaller number of appointed representatives focusing on national problems.


There are two major political parties in The Burgue. The Commonwealth Party, led by Chancellor Breakspear and currently holding the majority in Parliament, is the older of the two. It is often accused of kowtowing to the special interests of the wealthy and well-to-do, but also speaks in favor of the rights of the immigrant otherkin that has recently arrived in the city.

On the other side of the aisle are the Hardtackers, a more nationalist group in support of humankind that has risen up in protest of the influx of immigrants. The Hardtackers up until recently were a footnote in the chamber until Ritter Longerbane cobbled together other small groups into what is now a formidable, albeit minority, political force.

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