Parliament is the centre of politics of the Burgue. It convenes in Balefire Hall on King's Hill overlooking The Burgue, and consists of two houses, the Inner House and Outer House.


Members of Parliament are part of one of two political parties. The Commonwealth Party, led by Chancellor Absalom Breakspear, is a somewhat progressive party that advocates tolerance of Fae immigrants and was also a proponent of continuing the war against The Pact in Anoun. The Hardtackers, led by Ritter Longerbane, is a traditionalist party that despises the Fae and supported the Republic of The Burgue's withdrawal from the war. Most recently, the Commonwealth Party holds a narrow majority in Parliament, allowing Absalom Breakspear to serve as Chancellor, the leader of both Parliament and the entire Republic. That majority was once greater, but eroded over the years after the war as anti-Fae resentment rose in the Republic and the Hardtackers made gains in elections.

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