Marroks are not a race or species in the way that the humans, fae, or fauns are. Marroks have no common culture, language, or line of descent. Rather marroks are merely those unfortunate individuals infected with the Wolf's Curse, a virus that appears to reactivate atavistic traits depending on the species it infects. In the case of humans, it causes those afflicted to periodically regress into a wolf-like or dog-like state.


Over history, the Marrok affliction has been the source of a number of violent plagues.

During the great war, The Pact were known to infect their own men with the Wolf's Curse and used some kind of catalyst to induce the change without the need of a full moon.[1]

Appearance and biology

Marroks are people who unwillingly transform into large, wolf-like creatures on the night of the full moon. In that time, they lose all control of who they are. The fur color of Marroks tend to differ from one to the other.


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