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Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne star in Carnival Row, a Victorian fantasy world filled with mythological immigrant creatures whose rich homelands were invaded by the empires of man.

This growing immigrant population struggles to coexist with humans in the grimiest section of the city— forbidden to live, love, or fly with freedom.

But even in darkness, hope lives, as a human detective, Rycroft Philostrate, and a refugee faerie named Vignette Stonemoss rekindle a dangerous affair despite an increasingly intolerant society. Vignette harbors a secret that endangers Philo’s standing during his most important case yet: a string of gruesome murders threatening the uneasy peace of the Row. As Philo investigates, he reveals a monster no one could imagine.

Carnival Row, premiering on August 30, 2019, is an eight episode one-hour series from Executive Producers René Echevarria, Travis Beacham, Marc Guggenheim, Jon Amiel, and Orlando Bloom.

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