Carnival Row is the once-informal name for the neighbourhood located on the south bank of the Beorn River in The Burgue. It is characterized by small streets and winding alleys. Formerly human, its inhabitants are now primarily immigrants from war-torn corners of the world, including fae, fauns, trow, and others.


Gloamingside acquired its new monicker Carnival Row for the literal carnival that filled its streets when the first fae moved into the neighbourhood from far-flung Tirnanoc. This first wave of faerish immigrants was not motivated by war, but a byproduct of strengthening ties between the city and its colonial outposts. Unaccompanied by the stigma of a lost war, these first fae were regarded with wonder by the people of The Burgue. It was a kind of renaissance, with the cultural wealth of a previously unknown people laid bare before a fascinated human public, though the carnival atmosphere betrayed a troubling hint of fetishisation that foreshadowed the naked resentment endured by more recent emigres to neighbourhood.

Behind the scenes

Carnival Row is the neighborhood home of most of the fae, trow, centaurs, and fauns who reside in The Burgue.

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